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What is Camp Social?

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Members can organize events & meet IRL or online

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The most active members get recognized for their contribution

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People contributing can earn spirit points, to show appreciation for their contribution.

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Stronger communities through IRL and digital socials

Communities are built on strong relationships with one another, but joining a community by dropping into a noisy chat server doesn’t help build them. We believe less lonely spaces help a great deal.

Start, host, earn

Participating in activities that help your camp — like hosting meetups online & IRL - earns you spirit points, a record of the reputation you’ve built. This can lead to recognition, rewards, access, and more say in the future of your community.

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Camp icon
Joining a camp
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Hosting a social activity for your camp
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Participating in a social activity
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Opening a camp
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Invite others
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…& soon, many other contributions to your camp
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Start or join a camp

Communities are built on strong relationships with one another, but joining a community by dropping into a noisy chat server doesn’t help build meaningful relationships.

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What type of community is Camp Social for?

Camp Social is for all communities. You can sign up with your email, start a camp & host socials, or you can sign up with a web3 wallet if you wish.

What are spirit points?

Spirit points are a way to reward members of the community for participating in activities that help the camp. On camp social anyone can schedule socials, after which they earn spirit points. Other activities include: inviting new members, starting a camp, attending IRL socials, completing your profile, etc

I don't have a wallet. Can I sign up?

Yes you can signup with your email only.

What are socials?

Socials are live online or offline conversations, which are aimed at bringing members of the community together. At camp social we believe people need a sense of belonging in their communities, & we use guided video conversations to help spur engaging conversations.

How do I find a camp?

You can find a camp by visiting, or through an invite link from a community elsewhere online.

What other features do you have on the roadmap?

In the future, we plan to improve the socials experience online & IRL, enable camps distribute token rewards to their members, badges, VIP NFTs & much more.

How can I join?

You can create or join a camp representing your existing community. Some camps may be gated by existing shared ownership of a token that represents membership in a community. While others may be invite/application only or open entirely. You can browse a list of open camps, or contact us to get your community on the allowlist.

Invite your community. Start a camp.


All Of Us podcast

Logos signifying communities where guests of the AOU podcast are a part of. Logos include -  Gitcoin, Dream DAO, Near blockchain, GaiaGives, FightClub (a bankless sub-DAO), JoinJoyfully

All of Us is a place where we learn to take care of ourselves, and each other, so we can build communities where all of us belong. Your hosts Amber Brander and Derek Coleman welcome guests from communities such as Gitcoin, DreamDAO, CampSocial, GiaGives, Emerge, Perspectiva, Reliabl, OpenCivics, Fight Club a Bankless SubDAO, JoinJoyfully, NEAR, and more to have conversations about belonging, human connection, and how we coordinate at scale. All of Us (AOU) is supported by Camp Social, empowering communities to self-organize with rewards and recognition, and ETHDenver the largest, freest web3 community innovation festival BUIDLing the decentralized future.

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