Around here,
it's always summer

Coming soon to every DAO and community near you.

Communities are built on relationships

Whether it’s a DAO, online community, or remote team, what matters most are the relationships your members form with each other. But most online communities feel like shouting at each other in a crowded bar, with no ability to really connect personally. We're building a platform to allow the community to get to know and trust each other, while recognizing the ones who make it happen.

Real activities, real vibes

Communities are built and organizations are strengthened when participants have a chance to meet and get to know each other - whether online or offline. Camp Social makes it easy for participants to host and facilitate their own small group activities, and get recognized for doing so.

Recognize and reward contributors

If member-hosted events benefit everyone involved, then contributors that host and participate in them should be recognized and rewarded. Camp Social’s protocol allows members to build up their social reputation, and gives community leaders the ability to identify, recognize, and distribute rewards to the ones doing the work of weaving the community together.

Play well with others

Your members belong to and contribute to multiple communities. Camp Social is the protocol that works across every community, and integrates well with your existing tools.

Portable and permanent reputation

No more goodbyes. Because your camp can live on the blockchain, your members friends, reputation, and gear goes with them!